Replacing the cryptographic data protection unit of the tachograph

When you purchase a cryptographic information protection block, its activation is free of charge

Replacing the cryptographic information protection unit

Replacing the cryptographic information protection block is a guarantee of the inviolability of classified information. This system of cryptographic information protection acts as a "guard" of data recorded by a modern digital tachograph. This block saves all information and guarantees its inviolability - it turns out that attackers do not have the ability to edit this information later. This device (CIPF) guarantees the safety of copyright, the authenticity of which is recorded using the verification process of passwords (actual and incoming) in user databases. The cryptographic information protection module records data in the form of such information as it arrives in real time. A recorded record can no longer be changed or adjusted subsequently. There is still an opportunity to configure and connect data on the time, date, location of the vehicle. All of the above sets of parameters function due to the placement of data on a removable storage medium of digital information. All information that records a secure archive allows you to create an electronic signature. The functional module of electronic signature is operational if special access keys are available that are valid for three years. After the authentication of the card and the cryptographic information protection block is completed, the opportunity to get into the protected archive opens. By order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 273, the replacement of cryptographic information protection blocks, together with the activation of the cryptographic information protection block, is required to be made once every 3 years.

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