Passenger flow metering system

How does the system work?

An integrated passenger flow accounting system is installed for each vehicle. The system is based on sensors with two integrated video cameras. The cameras recognize passengers and transmit data via ETHERNET or RS485 interface to the on-board controller installed in the vehicle. Passengers are counted due to 3D analysis, which gives very high accuracy and minimal error.

In turn, the controller transmits data about incoming and outgoing passengers to the monitoring server via a 2G / 3G network. Data can also be written to external media.

Integration into the ticketing system and the GLONASS system is possible.

EuroMobile company develops unique turnkey solutions for carriers. Depending on the specific transport and tasks, we select equipment and software, carry out installation and testing of the entire system.


Carriers need to know exactly how many passengers they are transporting at one time or another. This allows you to understand how busy the transport is and whether the fare is collected correctly. In order for the situation analysis to be accurate, reliable information about the passenger flow is needed: how many passengers enter and leave the transport, how many passengers are simultaneously in the cabin. This information is provided by the automatic passenger flow calculation system from the Euromobile company.

We offer solutions based on intelligent video recognition. The Advanced People Sensor (APS +) sensor calculates passengers in a configured area (observable space) based on stereoscopic images from cameras and image processing. The received information is stored locally and can be broadcast via various interfaces for post-processing. Such a system has a practically zero error. For example, a passenger who leaves at a stop to let other passengers through and returns to the passenger compartment will not be counted again. Also, the system does not respond to static and large objects, for example, handrails and wheelchairs.

Compared to infrared sensors and electronic steps, intelligent pattern recognition has several advantages. The infrared sensor can be blocked, which will violate the counting of passengers. The electronic step may not work if another passenger is already standing on it. The temperature factor also does not affect the recognition of passengers.


  • Counting passengers during boarding and alighting with an accuracy of more than 98%.
  • Returns detection. Passengers leaving and returning quickly are not counted twice.
  • Use on all types of transport, including railway. The passenger metering system with 3D analysis can be used even at public events. Passenger confidentiality is maintained.
  • Integration into the ticketing system. If the number of passengers and the number of tickets sold do not match, this will be detected instantly.
  • Integration into the GLONASS / GPS system. It is possible to identify the moments of peak and zero load and correlate them with the geo-location of the transport.
  • Zone occupancy monitoring. Locating passengers in real time.
  • Record video to check the count. Record color video files along with measurement results.
  • Built-in video cameras sensors allow you to record online and transfer data to external media.
  • Automatically upload records to remote storage.

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