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Features of monitoring freight transport

Do you know that:

• Dairy producers lose up to 15% of finished products during delivery due to violations of the transportation regime.

• Compensation for 45 perishable goods insurance contracts of one of the largest insurance companies in Russia in 2015 alone amounted to more than 40 million rubles.

• The cost of a truck of chilled meat / poultry is several million rubles, while the financial responsibility for observing the conditions of carriage lies with the carrier / insurer of carriage.

On trucks equipped with refrigerators, iQFreeze * equipment is installed, which controls the operation mode of the refrigerator and the correspondence of the actual and set temperature. In case of deviation from the set temperature, the system immediately notifies any number of responsible persons about this. With this approach, we have already saved a lot of cargo from spoilage. In addition, iQFreeze * records hours and other engine parameters of the refrigeration unit.

You can use the "driving quality control" option. It works as follows: the on-board controllers installed on your trucks will record sharp accelerations, brakes, sharp turns (angular acceleration) and violations by drivers of the set speed mode in real time. For exceeding the maximum values of acceleration and deceleration, drivers will receive penalty points in accordance with the specified settings.

Fuel consumption can be controlled using TKLS fuel level sensors, the data from which also enter our system. TKLS has a temperature sensor and an inclinometer, thanks to which the fuel level is calculated taking into account temperature differences and the angle of inclination. This gives the most accurate data on fuel consumption on your vehicle.

You do not need to view each flight in the program manually to find out at what time and at what facilities your vehicles were loaded / unloaded. It is enough to build a report on geofences, and you will get accurate information about all deviations from the route.

On the maps are marked roads of federal significance, for which a fee is charged through the Plato system.

That way you can:

- Preliminary estimate the amount of deductions for each route.
- Check if Plato correctly calculates the mileage (if you pay not according to the itinerary).

Also, after a certain system setup, you can make a route for each vehicle and export the route sheet to Plato to pay for travel on this route.

There is a technical possibility to integrate your tachographs with on-board controllers. At the moment, data from the tachographs VDO, SHTRIH-M, ATOL are successfully transferred to our system. You can always receive data from tachographs on time and without unnecessary labor costs and analyze them to identify violations of the law. This will minimize possible fines for violation of work and leisure.

We can connect to the CAN bus of the car in order to take readings from various sensors. This makes it possible to find out the engine speed, coolant temperature, oil pressure, fuel level in the tank using the standard sensor and many other parameters, as well as decrypt various errors without checking into the service center.

For easy identification of the responsible driver, you can install a special card reader, which can work, including, with cards for the tachograph. After the movement starts, the card reader will start to make a special sound until the driver identifies himself.

Constant pressure monitoring allows you to increase the mileage of one tire by 20% and prevents rapid wear of the wheel in case of puncture and in the event of failure of one of the twin wheels.

We can upload information on mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours and other data to any enterprise management program.

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