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Answers to questions about installing tachographs

According to PP No. 720 of September 10, 2009, clause 8.1, vehicles of categories M2, M3, N2, N3 carrying passengers and goods must be equipped with tachographs.

The main exceptions are:
- vehicles approved for international road transport, equipped with control devices in accordance with the requirements of the European Agreement
- concrete pumps, concrete mixers, road sprayers, truck cranes and vehicles equipped with cranes, ambulances, car tow trucks, fire trucks, public utility vehicles and road maintenance, oil and gas well service vehicles, cash transport vehicles proceeds and valuable goods, vehicles equipped with lifts with working platforms, medical complexes on the chassis of vehicles, car shops, buses for funeral services, car-houses, armored vehicles, self-propelled agricultural machines, mobile laboratories and workshops, mobile reporting television studios;

CIPF ("Means of Cryptographic Protection of Information")
This is a cryptoprocessor that encrypts tachograph data and writes it to its own memory. CIPF is mounted in the tachograph case itself, which is then sealed. The tachograph passport contains information about the installed cryptographic information protection system.

If the cryptographic information protection device is not installed on the tachograph, is broken or not activated, the tachograph cannot write data to its memory. That is, it does not work in the mode established by the Law.

CPSI memory is limited. According to the current legislation, the SKZI block is subject to obligatory replacement every 3 years.

Yes, you can install the tachograph yourself, you can do it yourself. Upon completion of the installation, you will need to visit our certified service to perform the following work on the tachograph:

Connecting the tachograph to the on-board network
(do not risk expensive equipment)
Tachograph calibration
(specialized equipment required)
Activation of cryptographic information protection
(specialized equipment required)
Sealing a tachograph and speed sensor
(performed only by a certified workshop)
Filling out a tachograph passport (performed only by our certified workshop)

If you decide to install the tachograph with your own hands, then BEFORE installing the tachograph, we recommend that you first agree with the employees of our company that they will provide the necessary services if the tachograph was installed independently.

One of the frequently asked questions to our specialists is whether to install an additional speed sensor for the tachograph?

An additional sensor is not needed. Almost always it is possible to connect the tachograph to a standard car speed sensor.

If the standard sensor is missing:

1. If the car travels outside the Russian Federation, then definitely, according to the requirements of the AETR standard, a speed sensor is installed.

2. If a Russian tachograph is installed on a car, for use in domestic traffic, you can use signals from other car sensors that transmit motion pulses. For example, the signal from the ABS sensor.

Attention is important! Some unscrupulous workshops do not connect tachographs to the car’s motion sensor, but configure the speed to be received from the GLONASS module built into the tachograph. It is much simpler and cheaper. But it’s illegal. The GLONASS tachograph calibration will be detected by the very first controller to print the tachograph report.

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Установка тахографов на автомобили

The Ministry of Transport issued 273 orders; in February 2014, it entered into force. The order regulates the order of equipment and terms of installation of tachographs on various categories of vehicles. One of the most popular segments for equipment are:
installation of a tachograph on trucks (tractors, dump trucks, trucks) such as KAMAZ, MAZ, ZIL, MAN (MAN), Volvo (Volvo), Scania, Daf (DAF), Iveco (Iveco), Isuzu (Isuzu), Mercedes (Mercedes), Renault (Renault), Shackman (SHACMAN), Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi), Fredliner (Freightliner) International (International), Peterbilt (Peterbilt) and many others);
installation of tachographs on buses and minibuses, such as GAZelle, PAZ (including school buses), Ikarus, MAZ, Valdai, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Peugeot Boxster, Iveco Daily and many others.
Also, quite a lot of requests from our Clients come to less massive, but no less important categories, which also require the installation of tachographic equipment.
special equipment (manipulators, truck cranes, road-building machinery);
cars carrying dangerous goods (fuel trucks, tankers);
Our team has vast experience with all of the above modes of transport. Order installation and tuning of tagographs from real professionals!

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