Card Readers for Downloading Digital Tachograph Data

In order to comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Ministry of Transport, all transport companies need to regularly read data from the driver’s card and the tachograph itself. There are a number of solutions that allow you to download digital data. You can choose a tachograph card reader that is right for you and your company. If you are at a loss in choosing, you can contact our consultants who will help you make the most appropriate choice, taking into account all the conditions and wishes of your organization.



RS Digidown has been designed specifically to ensure that freight carriers can meet the minimum legal requirements. RS Digidown gives you the ability to read information from a driver card and read a digital tachograph at no extra cost.



  • Download digital tachograph.
  • The memory card may be removed for storage or for inspection.
  • Download digital tachograph.
  • Selecting upload options for the user.
  • Easy to store, carry and use.


  • Interface and storage of information in accordance with the requirements of European law,
  • Rugged housing
  • It works without batteries
  • Unloading the driver’s card through the vehicle’s registration device,
  • Three indicators informing about the stage and progress of unloading,
  • It can be directly connected to your PC via a USB port for easy data uploading.


  • Download tachograph size 100 x 50 x 25mm,
  • Downloading a driver card, rustachon weight about 80 gr.,
  • Loading cable length - 200mm,
  • USB data download cable - 2m,
  • 2 GB memory card (you can use a memory card with an unlimited amount of memory).


This combined digital tachograph and driver card data download device is ideal for those who need to download data without having an enterprise card.

Downloading data from the driver’s card without an available company card and control card (within a few seconds).
A 2 GB memory card is included in the price (although you can use a memory card with an unlimited amount of memory).
Downloading data from a digital tachograph.
Import data to a computer for further analysis.


Three types of data loading:

  • Download a digital tachograph download from the tachograph main memory (data for one year)
  • Downloading the memory of the recording device, the ability to program a button to download data for one, two or three last months and select an event, error, speed data or technical information,
  • Download driver card, driver card, rustahonet download data from the driver card.

In addition to the device itself, you will receive:

      • loading data of a digital tachograph memory card of 2 GB,
      • downloading a digital tachograph, a USB cable for downloading data to a computer,
      • loading driver cards, instructions for using the device.


A card reader (an RS device for reading a driver’s card) is a solution that will help you download information from a driver’s card to a computer in order to study it using software. Within 10 seconds after the start of the download, the information will be transferred to the hard drive of your computer.



  • Download driver card ease of use,
  • Downloading data from the driver card within 10 seconds,
  • Reading driver cards
  • Compatible with digital tachograph software.
  • A card reader (card reader) can be easily connected to a computer via a USB cable. In order to read the information, a driver card must be inserted into the device.

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