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Order 36 of the Ministry of Transport and technical regulations made all owners of commercial vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons at least think about what the price of a tachograph with a cryptographic information protection device is? Also important is the question of where to install a digital (analog device already in the past) tachograph that meets all the requirements and standards of the law.

There are many offers on the market. Many companies (in our experience almost half of them) do not have access to the installation of control devices. Buying a tachograph is now very simple. Another issue is that the equipment installed by an unauthorized workshop is not considered valid by the inspection authorities and you will be forced to pay a fine.

How to choose a company where you can legally buy a digital tachograph with a cryptographic information protection device? The website of the Federal State Institution “Rosavtotrans” has a list of workshops that have been tested and approved for the sale and installation of equipment. By purchasing equipment from these companies, you can be confident in the future.

What tachograph to buy and how much does it cost with installation?

This question torments all our Clients. There are many offers at a price, from used from Europe for 10,000 rubles, up to 70,000 rubles 36 order of the Ministry of Transport describes in detail the requirements for automobile tachographs, the main differences from the AETR devices are:

  • the presence of a navigation module, as an additional source of speed;
  • cryptographic information protection unit (cryptographic information protection means).


On the website of the Federal State Institution “Rosavtotrans” you can find a list of tachographs approved for purchase and installation in the Russian Federation, their modifications. The cost for the device itself can differ only in the presence or absence of GPRS, i.e., the possibility of using a tachograph as a device for GLONASS / GPS vehicle monitoring.

The installation cost may depend on the make of the car, the year of manufacture and the technical equipment of the vehicle.

You can order a tachograph that meets the requirements of the law from a workshop that has access to installation on our website, leaving a request below

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