Iridium satellite communications for GLONASS / GPS monitoring of mobile objects in the absence of GSM.

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Equipment for monitoring vehicles based on Iridium (subscriber terminals)

Galileosky v 4.0

Description of the terminal

Galileosky v 4.0 is a GPS / GLONASS satellite terminal with the ability to transmit coordinates via the Iridium satellite communication channel. The solution is especially relevant for long-distance freight transportation, as well as for monitoring vehicles, equipment and stationary objects in remote areas without cellular coverage.

Terminal specifications

  • Iridium subscriber terminal with the ability to transfer coordinates even in the absence of a cellular network.
  • Satellite communication Iridium
  • RS-485, CAN, USB, 1-Wire 6 inputs / 4 outputs
  • 2 SIM cards
  • Internal memory up to 450,000 records
  • Support memory card up to 32GB
  • Voice connection

The Galileosky v 4.0 GPS / GLONASS terminal allows you to organize various data transfer modes, such as on-line monitoring (support for continuous communication with the server), stealth mode (scheduled access to communications), or off-line monitoring (uploading a saved archive via USB). Such flexible settings, combined with the ability to transfer data simultaneously to two servers, an internal memory of up to 450,000 points and the ability to install an SD card, make it possible to implement an optimal monitoring mode and ensure data safety.

Galileosky v 4.0 is equipped with the Iridium satellite module for transmitting coordinates in the absence of cellular communication. Iridium is the only satellite communication system in the world that provides high quality telemetry data transmission with 100% coverage of the Earth's surface.
In the absence of GSM coverage, the terminal automatically connects the Iridium satellite module, which guarantees uninterrupted data transmission to the server. As soon as the GSM connection is restored, the satellite module goes offline, which significantly saves the cost of satellite communications.

The protocol for transmitting data via the satellite channel Iridium contains additional fields for transmission through the satellite channel. This circumstance requires that the monitoring software should receive information through the Iridium satellite channel.

To register a terminal, you must:
1. Conclude a contract for communication services.
2. Send a request to technical support specialists by e-mail [email protected] for activation of the Iridium module with an indication of the IP address and server port, as well as the selected tariff plan. By default, in Galileosky v 4.0, the Iridium satellite module is turned off to avoid unjustified costs of traffic and funds.
3. Make a prepayment for the activation of communication services.
4. Get confirmation of activation. A separate data channel is activated for each IMEI (device identification number).

Specialists will help you calculate the approximate amount of traffic generated by satellite monitoring terminals through the Iridium channel. Under real operating conditions, traffic is affected by the current settings and operating conditions of the terminal.

The standard package includes:

  • Connector with pins;
  • Set of cords;
  • GPS / GLONASS antenna;
  • Iridium Antenna;
  • GSM antenna.


RFID tags
Keys iButton DS1990, DS1982
DS18S20 (DS1820, DS18B20) thermometers or DS1923 humidity and temperature sensors


Support for CAN bus protocol - J1939 (FMS, Scanner, User_29bit, User_11bit)
CAN bus protocol support - J1979 (Scanner, User_29bit, User_11bit)


Continental VDO Tachograph (DTCO 3283, DTCO 1381) (algorithm)


Eurosens delta
Tachograph STRIH-TachoRUS
Tachograph Mercury TA-001
RFID Reader Matrix 5
Digital Fuel Level Sensors
GalileoSky Camera
Dosimeter DBG-S11D


Analog-frequency fuel level sensors
Pulse Flow Meters
Passenger flow sensors
Analog panic button

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