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In today's world, you cannot completely rely on your staff. Only daily monitoring using GPS vehicle monitoring can guarantee real-time tracking of the movement of any mobile objects. The system instantly allows you to detect unauthorized use of the vehicle, deviation from the route and report about it in a way convenient for you.

How does she work?

Installing Glonass GPS in the form of a small terminal connected to the car allows you to very accurately track the position of the object in real time using satellites. If necessary, anyone with a username, password and access to a computer can track the location of an object and check its route for a selected period of time. The terminal is reliably protected from high humidity, temperature differences and constant shaking and vibration. And not prone to breakdowns for a very long time.

Why is it profitable?

If you have your own database of trucks, delivery vehicles, taxis and other means of transport, and you want to optimize your work as much as possible, installing Glonass GPS will solve the following problems:

- exact observance of the route by the driver;

- fuel economy due to the lack of inappropriate use of transport;

- maximum safety control of the cargo and the car itself;

- the ability to subsequently optimize the route, according to the data received for the reporting period;

- instant alerts about any irregularities in work.

As practice shows, monitoring of transport pays off in a few months, and completely eliminates cases of excessive consumption of fuel, delays in the delivery of goods, quick detection of a vehicle if mobile communication is lost with it.

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